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TikTok Video Downloader – Download TikTok Videos Without Watermark!

Last Updated on December 15, 2020

We all have been there when you see a video on TikTok and want to share it with your friends and family, but somehow, there is no easy way to download it. Get tweet video is here with a new feature called TikTok Video Downloader. Now you can also download HD quality videos from TikTok application or web without any watermark.

TikTok Video Downloader Features:

Before going into details, let’s put the spotlight on a few features we are happy to provide you with.

  • High-Quality Videos.
  • Better User-Interface.
  • No Watermark.
  • Virus & harmful Ad-Free Application.

Now let quickly gain knowledge of everything our downloader can do and what makes it special and superior to the rest.

High-Quality Videos:

Get tweet videos, downloads in ultra HD quality, and HD, within a few seconds. Our downloader will provide you with the options of the best possible resolutions in which the video is available. The video is automatically converted to mp4 even if the original is not in.


Our page is available on all search engines including Bing, Google, and yahoo, and supports all sorts of web browsers, from which are firefox, Chrome, and more. As we all are aware that not all downloaders work on ios we give you surety that this downloader works on ios, as well as on windows, android. It also works on Linux, but only with GUI.

Get tweet video is mobile as well desktop friendly!

No Watermark:

Sometimes watermark of TikTok can be a bit of a problem creator or sometimes you just don’t want it to be there but it is impossible to get rid of it. Well, I can’t say that it is impossible, we did come up with a perfect way. From our downloader you can download the video without the watermark as well as with it, it’s up to you.

Virus & harmful Ad-Free Application:

You might think of it as nothing but it is a huge deal. Many computers get attacked by viruses due to false advertisements and many kids gain knowledge of adultery due to bad ads.

We make sure that neither is there any virus containing add nor is there any 18 plus content.

Other Considerations:

Our team has been working on a new get tweet video application so you can download the downloader in your Android or Iphone device, ironic isn’t it. And we also have been working days and nights to provide you with audio downloading. On which you easily download a video in audio form.

Even though you have read all about us, there still are a few questions that may arise. Just for your convenience, here is the answer to a few frequently asked questions:


Q1: Can I download in HD Quality?

Ans: We can’t guarentee that, our application downloads the original video from the TikTok. If the video is uploaded in HD you’ll get in HD.

Q2: Is there any app for this downloader?

Ans: Yes, there’s an Android app for TikTok video downloader and we’ll release for the IOS version of our App soon.

Q3: Do you display any vulgar ads on this page?

Ans: The answer is quite simple, “NO”!

Q4: Is there any download limit?

Ans: No, there isn’t any download limit, you can download the tiktok videos as much as you can with or without watermark.

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